2 Ingredients, 2 actions on the skin, in just 2 minutes.

NUXE Research has taken an innovative approach by combining Rose Floral Water, known for its soothing and softening benefits on the skin, with ingredients offering specific actions in each of its face masks: moisturising Macadamia Oil together with a fine powder for gentle exfoliation, Charcoal for a detoxifying action and White Clay for a purifying effect.

Real instant beauty for everyone

Their formulas with ultra-sensorial textures infused with Rose Floral Water and captivating scents invite you to savour a moment of pleasure and relaxation for healthy and radiantly beautiful skin. Effective, quick-and-easy application for instant beauty tailored to your needs.

Visible results in just 2 minutes.

Exfoliating + Unifying Mask:

  • Gentle exfoliation for 95% of users.
  • More even skin tone for 100% of users.

Detoxifying + Glow Mask:

  • Skin appears detoxified for 100% of users.
  • Radiant skin for 95% of users.

Purifying + Smoothing Mask:

  • Skin is gently purified for 100% of users.
  • Skin texture is smoothed for 90% of users.

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