Our Story

As a consultancy, The Beauty Brand serves clients who understand the significance of authentic beauty, individual growth, and creativity and have a zest for learning and personal betterment. Our offerings encompass a variety of products, services, and suppliers that collaboratively work to cultivate our clients' beauty and personal brand, revealing their untapped potential.

"From our founder – Maureen Grobler


Me in two words: Inquisitive and effervescent.

What does beauty mean to me:  It's about kindness, happiness, respect, peace, and elegance.

Why am I beautiful: I'm genuine.

What do I find beautiful: Simplicity. Remarkable design. The colour blue. Music. Intelligence. Mystery. People who are true to themselves.

Where do I find beauty: I am hardwired to see beauty everywhere. There is colour, design, art and symmetry in everything around us. All we have to do is develop an awareness and apply it in our daily lives.

My beautiful song: Now We Are Free - Lisa Gerrard 

"My drive to find purpose and passion in my life has taken me on numerous paths of discoveries, schools of thought, disciplines and ways of being. The destination always arrived at one conclusion - How do I serve?

"My skillset allows for variety and an interesting life of creating beauty wherever I go."

Let people catch something from your heart
that will cause no discomfort but help them to sing.