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"Makeup is one of the most underrated and misunderstood arts. Human faces are extremely powerful tools for complex communication. Their manipulation through cosmetics is often reduced to some sort of superficial beauty amplifier, whereas we all know that makeup serves extremely diverse and complex purposes throughout human history. To effectively apply makeup that intentionally produces particular effects (be they for stage, for screen, for special events/ceremonies, or for daily life) requires not only a deep knowledge of the anatomy of facial morphology, and a sense of skin texture and tone (both dermatologically and aesthetically), but also knowledge of chemical compounds including botanical and geological knowledge, as well as complex social and cultural knowledge; and then, of course, a very high degree of precise visual discernment with regard to colour, line, and texture, and an educated sensibility for overall composition and feel. All this must be put together with intensive practice to develop skilled application technique using a wide range of apparatus. This is a very high-end set of diverse skills. Great makeup artists are not only technicians but poets. Remember this when you hire or collaborate with them."


Our Packages

Day Makeup

A lighter, more natural approach to makeup. A polished yet sincere version of you.
Duration: 45 – 60 minutes

Evening Makeup

Glamourous, smokey and sure to turn the heads.
Duration: 60 – 80 minutes

Bridal Makeup

When you trust me to be part of your big day, it’s not only about making you look breathtakingly beautiful, but also understanding all your feelings on the day and giving you the full benefit of my skills and experience, including access to trustworthy suppliers of excellence. While makeup allows me to transform you, you must still look like you. Your look must be timeless, classic and subtle; yet visible enough to accentuate your beauty in the photographs.