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Our CSI story started with Maushami Chetty, a lawyer by trade, humanitarian by heart. I’ll never forget her words –

“If every single person in South Africa takes responsibility for just one person, our problems will be solved”.

And then Maushami introduced me to Mashandu. Mashandu had a dream. A dream of becoming a makeup artist. And so our journey began.

Maureen gave Mashandu access to The Beauty Brand’s Art of Makeup curriculum and she started learning all the theory that forms the critical foundation in the steps of becoming a makeup artist. In return, she provided much-needed admin support, lots of love and enriched Maureen’s life by sharing her story and insight into her world. While Maureen was in the privileged position to provide Mashandu with the means to realise her dream, Mashandu inadvertently gave her so much more in return – a deep sense of gratitude. Our lives have meaning when we contribute, and often a very small contribution can make a big difference. Encouragement and believing in someone makes a world of difference. It is the drivers that help us build our confidence to reach our potential.

Unfortunately, Mashandu’s salary was barely enough to make ends meet and so the first challenge presented itself. Maureen tapped into her social network and received sponsorships for makeup products, a kit, and transport money. It was all systems go again.

Our next challenge was time. One day a week would take forever to get Mashandu to where she wanted to be and again the network came up with a solution. Mashandu was offered a full-time position at Creative Glamour after completing a successful trial.

What we learned through this experience –

If you have a dream and you share your dream, share it with the right people.
If you have a dream and you work for it, your dream will become a reality.
If you have a social network and everyone helps just a little, that little bit becomes a lot.
That feeling you get when you are able to help someone is one of the best feelings ever.
Always do more than what is expected of you.

We would like to thank the following people (for time, money, clothes, kit and their willingness)

Louise Volschenk – Halouw Makeup Academy, Brenda Botha – MUD Makeup, Cecilia Grobler – Creative Glamour, Surisa Nel – Spark Inc, Eleonora Engelbrecht – One Virtual Solution, Marethe Grobler – www.marethe.com, Pramod Sonne, Xavier Saer, Denize Nelson, Shameela Cassim, Fay Pierides, Albert Bredenhann, Jim Hudson, Anne Bourgoin, Debbie Victor, Dionne Cheng, Janita Jackson, Nilesh Moodley, Marissa Moore, Michel Jarry, Vandana Hurrichund, Caroline Hall, Jan, Marius Oelschig, Claudia & Dario Rosamina, Tanya Appelbaum, Renata Landman, Dalene Meyer, Nicola Oosthuizen, Daniela Bascelli

Mashandu Raphahlane BIO

My dream is to bring awareness of self-confidence to every client I make-up, showing them a different perspective on how to view themselves.